Handmade Wardrobe New Year’s Challenge

In October 2015, I gave myself a challenge to not buy any readymade clothing items for 1 year.I’ve decided instead to focus on slow fashion and crafting my own handmade wardrobe. I’m hoping it will help me forgo the impulse buying – which isn’t always easy. When I do return to shopping, I’ll be looking for well-made, timeless items that I can pair with fun accessories.

My biggest motivation for participating in “Slow Fashion” is removing myself from being an impulsive consumer. Shopping at the fast fashion retail stores offers a sense of instant gratification with a short-term satisfaction. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve bought something for it only to last 2 – 3 washes before it looked worse for wear. Then almost instantly a newer, cheaper version hit stores and winds it way into my closet. I’m over it.

So far I’ve held true to my challenge. (I myself am astonished!) No new readymade clothing has entered my closet, but I have had the chance to add my own creations. (Okay, I received a few items as gifts for Christmas, but those don’t count. Ha!)

In my wildest dreams, my entire closet would be filled with a handmade wardrobe. But realistically, I’ll probably never make my own jeans or undergarments. I’m okay with having to by those (but hopefully I can hold off until next year!) I’d like to pare down my closet and try doing a capsule wardrobe for spring or summer. So I’m going to get a head start and make some key pieces while I have time to sew this winter.

Handmade Wardrobe Inspiration

Right now I’m totally digging these patterns from indie pattern makers. I’m hoping to add them to my pattern collection and handmade wardrobe this year.

wipstitchery's 9 of 2016 handmade wardrobe

1. Fifi Pajamas

Let’s be honest, I love to lounge around the house. These pajama’s from Tilly & the Buttons will be the ticket for just that.

2. Popover Poncho

April Rhodes does it again with a look so comfy and stylish with minimal effort! I’m all about that.

3. Soma Swimsuit

I’ve really enjoyed sewing with knits – so I think I’m up for the challenge of making myself a swimsuit. I’ve already added this pattern from Papercut Patterns to my collection

4. Linden

Grainline Studio designed this basic Raglan sleeve top. I’ve already invested in this pattern and can’t wait to make it with different weight fabrics for different seasons. I think this will be a handmade wardrobe staple!

5. Beatrix

I love this woven top pattern with the buttons down the back for a little surprise from Made By Rae.

6. Frances

I’ve yet to make a collared anything. So this pattern from Greenbee Patterns will really challenge me but it’s certainly my style!

7. Nantucket

I subscribe to the Colette Patterns magazine Seamwork. This was a featured pattern a number of months ago. I’ve been eyeing them ever since for their laid-back vibe.

8. Emery Dress

This dress from Christine Haynes just looks so springy and fresh! I love the bow detail.

9. Gatherer Crossbody Bag

I’d love to give bag making a try! This is a free pattern by Noodle-head for Robert Kauffman.

I was inspired to include my handmade wardrobe wishlist by the #2016makenine hashtag and Rochelle at LuckyLucille.

My challenge to you is to join me in slowing down. It doesn’t have to mean slow fashion and making all your own clothes. The holiday season fills so quickly with shopping and spending money. Now that it’s all over join me in taking the time to notice and enjoy the smallest of joys in everyday life.

Here’s to Slowing Down and Creating!

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